Megalink Trunking System Sepcial for FOOD

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Megalink Trunking System is the result of years of experience in technical lighting special for food together with a continuous investment in I+D+i in all our products.Consequently, Megalink Trunking System is also available in special LEDs for food: Meat, Meat Premium, Fresh, Fruit, Fruit Premium, Gold y Blue Fish (these two available upon request). Megalink Lighting Trunking System with

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At Ledsfactory we offer a wide range of technical Downlights of different sizes and for diverse applications that will meet perfectly all your business needs. In this article we are introducing the new recessed lighting called Maximus that is making even wider our range of Downlights. The newest technical lighting Maximus is a Downlight that

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New Titan & Siris II Luminaires

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It is a great pleasure for Ledsfactory to launch the new Titan and Siris II luminaires, the first one is a tracklight for universal 3-phase tracks and the second one is a downlight to be recessed in ceilings. Perfect for lighting surfaces such as: exhibitors, counters, shop windows, glass cabinets, etc. These two luminaires have

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NEW LED Food Panel Ideal For Red Meats

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Ledsfactory launches LED FOOD PANEL that is ideal for red meats.This new product completes and boosts our wide range of specialized lighting for food.     It should be pointed out that it has a high efficiency of 70lm/W with 54W and real 3800lm output.It is the newest lighting solution for retail and makes possible

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This year 2017 we are making wider our product portfolio counting with the new range called BASIK PRO, professional lighting assuring the best quality and added value. The arrival of the newest Downlight BASIK PRO Triwhite implies a revolution in the nowadays illumination concept. Named as Triwhite, the newest Downlight BASIK PRO that we introduce is an exclusive

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