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Who we are

LEDSFACTORY is a dynamic and innovative company commited to its customers. It’s specialized in LED lighting manufacturing and sales and has considerable experience in the LED lighting field.

As LED lighting professionals, LEDSFACTORY advises and designs lighting projects which integrate the latest and most reliable LED lighting technologies therefore our objective is to offer products with added value, always considering our costumers’ needs.

However LEDSFACTORY does not only offer technology, it also searches for attractive designs in lighting solutions offering a wide variety which enables us to solve the most stringent needs.

All products are checked by the Engineering Department, under strict quality controls, as we have the utmost confidence to offer warranty on every product.

Each year business grows at LEDSFACTORY and we are proud to inform you that this year we have incorporated an assembly line in Spain so some of our products are manufactured in our country which allows us for strict control of production and an expedited service.

LEDSFACTORY supports its customers, inter alia, the possibility of joint visits, product samples, displays and lighting projects with more advanced software. Because firmly believing that your success is our success.


Leds Factory S. L. was created with the objective of providing modern society with an efficient and sustainable light technology.

This is the LED technology. These are small mostly formed by silicon (non-polluting to the environment and highly recyclable element) diodes, which apply electrical power to produce light.

10 REASONS to contribute to the environment:

1 Energy savings up to 80%
2 Reduction of CO2 emissions
3 Contains no contaminants such as mercury, phosphorus or others.
4 No UV or IR rays, allows products that are exposed to long hours of direct light fixtures as food, clothing, jewelry, etc. are not damaged.
5 Does not generate heat, therefore saving you money on refrigeration equipment.

6 The approximate duration of our products LED is 50,000 hours, whereas conventional bulbs have approximately 4,000 hours durability.
7 Maximum lighting microseconds.
8 Extremely shock resistant.
9 High level of brightness and intensity.
10 Choice of a variety of shades of color.

Sustainable Design and LED solutions

The innovative features of LED enable broad new applications and designs in the field of lighting. You can adapt to small, unconventional shapes or spaces in applications where conventional lighting was not possible.
Note: We have a service grant application for the implementation of energy efficient through the IDEA.

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