In Ledsfactory S.L. we are making our catalogue wider with the incorporation of a range of products and we position ourselves as the first importer of Professional working rechargeable LED lamps in Spain and Portugal with the Japanese brand Gentos.

These lamps are ideal for workshops and industries and they offer a considerable comfort when working and making faster the installation thanks to its practical designs and exclusive magnetic bases that allow putting the lamps on any metallic surface or on 180 degrees rotatory objects so as to create the optimal light focus in our workplace.

We also count with a Frontal Lamp series that can be used when working with both hands, these ones are all water proof and have a wide range of power modes so as to adapt to each need.

Also, thanks to its USB rechargeable battery system there is no need to worry about the batteries consumption because thanks to the Micro Cable USB we will be able to charge the lamps whenever we need.

All this and more makes LedsFactory catalogue has been extended with a broad range of products in order to make your work day by day more practical and effective.