Half a year after launching tube lighting for specific meats, LedsFactory manufacturer has unveiled a new selection specialized in the food sector range. Called ‘Food’ line has several specific products for meat lighting, sausages, pastries, breads and cheeses, fruit and vegetables and fish. The LEDs used in this range do not have filters, these ones are modified LEDs with phosphors for each application to provide the best type of light. This achieves enhance the natural qualities of the product, giving a fresher appearance in order to appeal the consumer.The range consists of projectors rail surface luminaires, suspended downlights, LED tubes and bells and is divided into six categories: red meat, sausages and meats, bread and pastries, fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood and refrigerators.

For red meat, we find the ‘Meat Light’ modules, which offer a spectrum of color that enhances the red meat. In sausages and meats, ‘Fresh Light’ modules accentuate red and pink food color, respecting white meat, for example with pork, poultry and meats. The “Gold Light” units, on their behalf, impact on the warm color of the products, such as yellow and brown, making them suitable for food such as bread, cheese or other baked goods. The product will have a warm color, or roasted, giving it a more attractive, crispy and appetizing appearance. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, ‘Fruit Light’ enhances the natural glow of green, red and yellow. In relation to the light for seafood, we find the ‘Fish Light’ modules that are the perfect solution for all kind of seafoods. All because, thanks to CRI 90 based 4000K, the fish grey will be enhanced as well as the range of red, offering a fresher and more attractive appearance .

Finally, LED Tube named as ‘Megalux Freeze’ is double face and suitable for vertical refrigerated cabinets or other, emitting 120 per side. Protection of PC acts as an insulator to moisture and cold (-20 ° C).

Reference Link: http://www.alimarket.es/noticia/166053/Leds-Factory-potencia-el-color-de-los-aliment