This year 2017 we are making wider our product portfolio counting with the new range called BASIK PRO, professional lighting assuring the best quality and added value.

The arrival of the newest Downlight BASIK PRO Triwhite implies a revolution in the nowadays illumination concept.

Named as Triwhite, the newest Downlight BASIK PRO that we introduce is an exclusive of LEDSFACTORY and it allows changing the lighting temperature with only switching on the power switch located in the upper part of the lighting device going from 3000 K, 4000K up to 6000 K. These three color temperatures guarantee a stock cost reduction up to 66%.

Moreover, thanks to the implementation of the newest technology also prevents having problems and errors when choosing the temperature color when installing the product.

The newest Downlight BASIC PRO Triwhite has an elegant and well-finished professional design, thanks to the depth of its reflector visual comfort is higher. It is totally manufactured in aluminum and the external driver makes possible a longer life of the product and the easier replacement of the driver in a future.

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