Ledsfactory’s Megalux LED Tubes

The Special Megalux LED tubes for food provide the ideal lighting, being the best help for the sales of your product.

We have the largest range of special Led tubes for power on the market, so that you can choose the tube that best suits your tastes and needs. In our range you can find LED tubes for all types of food such as red meats, sausages, precooked dishes, pastries, bread, cheeses, ham, fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood.

Our tubes enhance colors in a natural way and provide a fresher and more attractive appearance to food, thanks to our LEDs with specific color temperatures without filters.

Megalux MEAT T5 special tube for food is a T6 tube with a diameter of 22mm, but it has the connection of a T5 tube. Ideal for red meat.

T5 Megalux FOOD Interconnectable is the perfect substitute for rigid LED strips, it is easy to install since it can be interconnected up to 16 meters directly at 220V (it does not need a power supply).

Megalux MEAT T8 offers a touch of color that boost meat’s red color. There is a merge between a range of reds that guarantees a fresher and more appealing appearance without affecting the rest of colors that are around.

Megalux FOOD T8 tube enhance the red color of the meat without distorting the white color of the streaks of the fat; offering a more natural look thanks to the lilac tonality of the light.

Megalux FRESH T8 enhance food red and pink colors but always respecting white meat, for example pork, poultry meat and cold cuts, as a consequence product will become fresher and appetizing in sight.

Megalux GOLD T8 tube enhance the “warm” yellow and brown food color. It is ideal for foods such as bread, pastries, cheeses, whole hams, etc. Product will get a “warmer” or more toasted color giving it a more appealing, crispy and tasty appearance.

Megalux FRUIT T8 tubes are the best solution for lighting fruits and vegetables and its main characteristic is that can enhance the brightness of greens, reds and yellows. Product’s colors are becoming “warmer”, more defined and intense but all without changing its real color thanks to its CRI over >90.

Megalux BLUE FISH T8 provides a touch of blue that enhances fish natural blue color. This LED is creating a merging contrast of blues, which is giving a fresher and more appealing appearance to blue fish without affecting other colors.

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