This year we have added new products and have improved their organization and traceability features as well as updated their energetic efficiency. Thus we are offering the latest and widest range of LED lights within the lighting industry. Due to 80% of our products are assembled in our factory, we are allowed to control straightaway the quality and the speed of implementation of the latest technology.

On the one hand, just having a look at our newest catalogue you can discover that we are specialists in LED lighting mainly for the food industry that is why we have the widest lighting range focused in this area. Our latest implementations are the Megalux MEAT tube with a T5 connection or the newest BLUE FISH LED, making wider the range of possibilities of our LED products specialized in the food industry. Moreover, the introduction of the Leonidas or Atenea series can be also adapted to art, fashion and food industries.

On the other hand, we also have expanded the BASIK family with the newest range BASIK PRO including more features, that also incorporate the revolutionary DOWNLIGHT BASIK PRO TRIWHITE that allows the temperature of the light to be graduated with only using a switch located on the top of the lamp, from 3000K and 4000K to 6000K, three different color temperatures in only one Downlight that provide a reduction up to 66% in the cost of the storage and avoids possible errors and devolutions when choosing the color temperature.

To sum up with, we would like to highlight the newest Lineal Interlinked System named MEGALINK LED, a revolutionary system that contributes to a considerable energy and time- cost saving in the installation because the electrified rack already comes pre-linked, and consists of the two main parts the MEGALINK TRACK and the MEGALINK Lighting. These can be combined with different modules such as track projectors, presence or crepuscular devices for different functions (emergency, DALI regulation etc.). These features make the Lineal Interlinked MEGALINK LED a versatile model and can be interconnected up to 123 meters.

We invite you to click on this link and discover the newest LedsFactory’s Catalogue 2017.