NEW LED Food Panel Ideal For Red Meats

Ledsfactory launches LED FOOD PANEL that is ideal for red meats.This new product completes and boosts our wide range of specialized lighting for food.



Captura de pantalla 2017-11-06 a la(s) 16.05.26It should be pointed out that it has a high efficiency of 70lm/W with 54W and real 3800lm output.It is the newest lighting solution for retail and makes possible that all the products have the same tonality inside and outside of the refrigerator because it is general lighting.











Leds have a base of 4000K a special mix of phosphorous that generate a lilac light that empowers red meat colour without denaturing meat’s white fat.


Apart from being a 14mm super slim panel multiple accessories for different applications are also available: Pendant, surface, recessed in plaster or Amstrong ceiling.

All this makes LED FOOD PANEL the best option for your business.

accesorios panel

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